Confirmed speakers:

Andrei Goga University of California, San Francisco, USA
Arkaitz Carracedo Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science, Bilbao, Spain
Arne Östman Cancer Center Karolinska Stockhom, Sweden
Channing J Der University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA 
Chris Madsen Lund University, Sweden
David Cheresh University of California, San Diego, USA
Eduard Batlle IRB Barcelona, Spain
Erik Sahai Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Eyal Gottlieb Technion Integrated Cancer Centre, Haifa, Israel
Hector Herranz University of Copenhagen, Denmark
James B Lorens University of Bergen, Norway
Judith A Varner University of California, San Diego, USA
Karl-Johan Malmberg Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway
Kirsten L. Bryant University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Lars A Akslen University of Bergen, Norway
Peter Friedl Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands
Santiago Zelenay Cancer Research UK, Manchester Institute, UK 
Teresa A Zimmers  Indiana University School of Medicine, USA
Valerie M Veaver University of California, San Francisco, USA


Day 1 08:30 Registration and welcome    
June 20th 09:30 Opening talk:
EACR lecture                                           Valerie M. Weaver Tissue tension and risk to malignancy
Session 1 Tumor microenvironment
10:00 Erik Sahai New mechanisms of Tumor-Stroma crosstalk
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Arne Östman Mining tumor collections for stroma-derived prognostic and response-predictive biomarkers
11:40 Selected poster presentation
12:00 Lunch and poster session
Session 2  Initiation and niche formation
13:30 Chris Madsen Imaging ECM remodeling during Cancer Progression and Metastasis
14:10 James B. Lorens Title to be announced
14:50 Coffee break
15:20 Eduard Batlle Immune evasion and metastasis in colorectal cancer
16:00 David Cheresh Tumor cell responses to stress in the microenvironment
16:40 Selected poster presentation
18:30 Dinner
Dayx2               Session 3  Tumor-stroma interactions
June 21st 09:00 Keynote speaker

Peter Friedl

Kinetics of tumor-stroma interaction, immune effector function and resistance
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Channing J Der Drugging undruggable RAS for cancer treatment
11:40 Hector Herranz A fly approach to tumor-stroma interaction
12:20 Selected poster presentation
13:00 Lunch and poster session
 Session 4  Immunity and inflammation in cancer
14:00 Judith A. Varner Controlling tumor-associated macrophages for Cancer Immune Therapy
14:40 Karl-Johan Malmberg Molecular memory in human natural killer cells
15:20 Coffee break
15:50 Santiago Zelenay Manipulating inflammation to raise cancer immunogenecity
16:30 Arkaitz Carracedo Fuel and Oil for the cancer engine
19.00-20.30 Town Hall Reception
21:00 Free evening
Day 3           Session 5 Metabolism in cancer  
June 22nd 09:00 Eyal Gottlieb From Oncometabolites to metabolic vulnerabilities
09:40 Kirsten L. Bryant Exploiting KRAS-driven metabolic vulnerabilities of pancreatic cancer for therapeutic gain
10:20 Selected poster presentation
10:40 Coffee break
11:20 Andrei Goga Regulation of Metabolism by Host-Tumor Interactions in Cancer
12:00 Teresa A Zimmers Pre-clinical and clinical studies of tumor-host interactions in muscle and fat wasting in pancreatic cancer cachexia
12:40 Selected poster presentation
13:00 Concluding remarks
  13:10 Lunch and departure